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Bituconsult Ltd


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Bituconsult can provide consultancy on all aspects of bitumen and bituminous products including;

  • Bitumen manufacture and refining,

  • Modification and chemistry,

  • Binder specifications

  • Bituminous emulsions,

  • Rheological characterisation,

  • Tyre-pavement interaction,

  • Troubleshooting,

  • Sustainability,

  • Safe handling,

  • Project management,

  • Expert witness

  • Regulatory compliance

Education and training
Training courses can be customised to the clients' requirements.
Courses have been provided to major multinational clients, IFP School (France) and Industry Association events.
Training can cover all aspects of the bitumen and associated downstream user industries.

Event organisation

Mike has been deeply involved in organising significant Industry events, including 4 international technical congresses. Support can be provided for organising the technical programme, peer-review, all organisational aspects of event planning and execution.

Technical support


Mike has an extensive background in Research and Development. technical support and project management. Support can be provided for both fundamental and applied research or technical development projects.

Chemical Plant
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